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Associations, Agencies, and Court Systems can fully automate the step-by-step process of mediation or arbitration and create new revenue opportunities leveraging our secure cloud-based ADR platform.


White label Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services under your own brand with Arb-IT® 3.0 White Label Edition

Complete turn-key responsive website including marketing landing pages, policies, terms, email templates and pre-configured pricing, all white labeled and customizable!

Your own customized white label ADR platform online in days, not months!

Includes a full suite of admin tools to manage user accounts, claims, invoices and payments, mediations and arbitration hearings, mediators and arbitrators, and to view activity and email logs, and run advanced reports.


Trusted state or regional associations and governmental entities can derive new revenue offering the platform as venue or simply for better customer experience depending on the ADR services they want to provide. The choice to leverage Arb-IT™ 3.0 under their own brand while providing their own arbitrators and mediators through ARS’s flexible platform is a powerful option."

-- Mark Norych, President,
Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc.

The Arb-IT 3.0 Platform

The Arb-IT cloud-based platform fully automates the step-by-step process of mediation and arbitration utilizing a proprietary, cutting-edge legal solution that integrates technology with expert arbitrators and mediators for a revolutionary approach to dispute resolution.

3.0 Improvements

The 3.0 mission grew out of our team’s expert process knowledge being leveraged to achieve goals like stress reduction for client admins and removing anxiety for consumers worried about litigation through streamlining process design from the user perspective.

Organization Types That Can Benefit

The Arb-IT White Label Edition is designed for optimized usability for one or one-thousand users and can benefit various organization types where dispute resolution is essential.


All types of professional, trade, nonprofit, community, and special interest associations can benefit.

The Arb-IT White Label Edition can benefit an association by providing a customized, streamlined, and cost-effective solution for resolving disputes. It enhances member engagement, satisfaction, and brand visibility while saving time and resources for the association.

The Arb-IT White Label Edition allows the association to customize and brand the platform according to its own specifications. This helps create a consistent and cohesive brand experience for association members or clients who use the platform.
The association can incorporate its logo, color scheme, and other branding elements, enhancing its brand visibility and recognition.
By offering the Arb-IT White Label Edition, the association can provide a valuable service to its members or clients. This well-designed and user-friendly platform can enhance member engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.
The platform provides a convenient and efficient means for members to resolve disputes and conflicts within the association's framework, promoting positive relationships and reducing tensions.
The Arb-IT White Label Edition can automate and streamline the dispute resolution process for the association. It includes features such as case management, document storage, communication tools, scheduling capabilities, invoicing, and payment capture.
By digitizing and centralizing these processes, the platform can simplify the administration of dispute resolution, saving time and resources for both the association and its members.
Developing and maintaining a custom ADR platform from scratch can be costly and time-consuming. By leveraging the Arb-IT White Label Edition, the association can benefit from a pre-existing platform that is already designed and developed.
This significantly reduces development costs and time-to-market, allowing the association to focus its resources on other strategic initiatives.
The Arb-IT White Label Edition is developed and maintained by ARS, a specialized alternative dispute resolution provider with deep expertise in dispute resolution technologies. By partnering with ARS, associations can access their knowledge, experience, and ongoing support.
This ensures that the platform remains up-to-date, secure, and compliant with relevant regulations, providing a reliable and trusted solution for dispute resolution.
As an association grows and its dispute resolution needs evolve, the Arb-IT White Label Edition can easily scale and adapt to accommodate changing requirements. The platform can handle a growing number of cases and users, and additional features or integrations can be added as needed.
This scalability and flexibility allow the association to meet the evolving needs of its members or clients effectively.


Local agencies, such as public works departments and city councils, state agencies, such as labor departments, and federal agencies can all benefit.

The Arb-IT White Label Edition can empower a local, state or federal agency to modernize its dispute resolution processes, improve efficiency, increase accessibility, and enhance the overall experience for constituents while maintaining its own brand identity and control over the platform.

The Arb-IT White Label Edition can be customized to align with the specific needs and branding of the state agency.
This allows the agency to maintain its own identity and create a seamless user experience for its constituents.
The Arb-IT White Label Edition can streamline dispute resolution processes, reducing administrative burdens and saving time and costs associated with traditional methods such as in-person hearings or paper-based systems.
The platform can automate various aspects of case management, document sharing, scheduling, and communication, leading to increased efficiency and reduced operational expenses.
By adopting the Arb-IT White Label Edition, an agency gains access to advanced technology features and functionalities specifically designed for dispute resolution processes. These include online case filing, secure document exchange, virtual hearings, automated notifications, and analytics.
Such technology can enhance the agency's capacity to handle a higher volume of cases effectively.
The Arb-IT White Label Edition can improve accessibility to dispute resolution services for constituents. Online platforms enable parties involved in a dispute to participate remotely, eliminating the need for physical attendance and overcoming geographical barriers.
This accessibility is particularly beneficial for individuals who have mobility constraints, live in remote areas, or face other challenges in attending traditional hearings.
The Arb-IT White Label Edition can provide greater transparency and accountability in the dispute resolution process. The platform can maintain a clear and auditable record of case activities, including document submissions, communications, and decisions.
This promotes fairness, reduces the potential for errors or bias, and ensures that the agency's operations can be subject to scrutiny and review if necessary.
The Arb-IT White Label Edition can generate valuable data and analytics that help the agency gain insights into the effectiveness of its dispute resolution processes.
By analyzing trends, case outcomes, and user feedback, the agency can identify areas for improvement, refine its policies, and make data-driven decisions to enhance its services.
The Arb-IT White Label Edition can be tailored to accommodate the evolving needs of the agency. It can be easily scaled up or down to handle fluctuations in case volumes, adapt to changes in legislative requirements, and incorporate new features or modules as needed.

Court Systems

All local, state and federal courts systems can benefit.

The Arb-IT White Label Edition can enhance the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, accessibility, transparency, and customization of the court system's dispute resolution processes.
By leveraging technology and providing an innovative platform, the court system can better serve its stakeholders and promote effective resolution of disputes.

The Arb-IT White Label Edition can streamline the court system's operations by automating many aspects of the dispute resolution process. It can handle case management, scheduling, document exchange, and communication between parties and mediators or arbitrators.
This efficiency improvement can result in faster resolution of cases and reduced administrative burden on the court staff.
The Arb-IT White Label Edition can enhance access to justice by providing a user-friendly online platform that enables parties to engage in alternative dispute resolution remotely. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may face geographical barriers, financial constraints, or other obstacles in attending in-person hearings.
By making ADR more accessible, the court system can promote fairness and inclusivity in the resolution of disputes.
The Arb-IT White Label Edition can provide transparency in the dispute resolution process by allowing parties to track the progress of their case, view documents, and receive manual and automated updates on their dispute. This transparency helps build trust in the court system and ensures that parties are aware of the status of their case at all times.
Moreover, the platform can maintain an auditable record of the ADR proceedings, enhancing accountability and facilitating review or appeal processes if necessary.
With the Arb-IT White Label Edition, the state court system can customize the platform to align with its specific requirements and procedures. The platform can be tailored to incorporate the court's rules and regulations, integrate with existing case management systems, and provide a consistent user experience that aligns with the court's branding.
This flexibility allows the court system to adapt the platform to its unique needs and maintain control over the entire process.
Implementing the Arb-IT White Label Edition can lead to cost savings for the court system. By automating routine tasks and reducing the need for physical infrastructure, such as meeting rooms, the court system can allocate its resources more effectively.
This can result in lower operating costs, allowing the court system to allocate its budget towards other important areas.

These are just a few examples, but the potential applications can extend to other organization types as well. The primary goal is to provide a reliable, impartial, and efficient mechanism for resolving disputes, regardless of the organization involved.

Arb-IT White Label Edition

Features & Benefits

  • Isolated servers, hosted securely in the AWS Cloud

    • Scalable to handle large volumes of traffic
    • Automated hourly data backups and strong disaster recovery policies
  • Zoom integration supports multi-party scheduling for video hearings

  • Stripe integration supports automated invoicing and payment processing

  • Zendesk integration for tech and customer support

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Zoom logo
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  • Utilize built-in mediation and arbitration fee structure—or set your own

  • Utilize built-in terms & policies—or bring your own

  • Utilize our mediators and arbitrators—or provide your own

  • Can be used with or without an existing mediation/arbitration contract clasue

  • Configure arbitration to be binding or non-binding

  • Technical support included; customer support optional

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ARS, an early ADR innovator, is a leading provider of more accessible and affordable cloud-based alternative dispute resolution services. The proprietary Arb-IT® platform fully automates the step-by-step process of mediation and arbitration, and was the first company to integrate technology with expert arbitrators and mediators for a revolutionary approach to dispute resolution. Version 3.0, also offered in a white label edition, integrates easy-to-use technology based on unparalleled process and design standards supporting an IRL or in-real-life approach to dispute resolution. #ADR4IRL reduces up to 80% of the costs of traditional litigation in as little as 20% of the time. ARS’s lower, graduated fees mean attorneys, individuals, and companies of any size can file claims previously too small or costly to pursue.

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