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What is

And why should I use arbitration to settle my dispute?

Arbitration is a way of resolving disagreements that is quicker, easier and less costly than litigation through the judiciary courts. A form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration is the most traditional form of private dispute resolution. The dispute will be decided by a neutral third party called the arbitrator who ultimately decides the matter and renders the arbitration award. An arbitration decision or award is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the courts.

Arbitration is a more formal dispute resolution process than mediation. Therefore, this practice is used when a legal matter has escalated to a more serious issue, and a decision is needed from an impartial arbitrator. Arbitration should be used when both parties cannot settle on an agreement, particularly if time is a factor.

Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. (ARS) can help you resolve a variety of disputes – no matter how big or small. ARS arbitrators are seasoned professionals who have extensive experience resolving disputes involving businesses and individuals; and disputes between companies. If you have ever signed a contract or suffered monetary damages as a result of a commercial or individual agreement, then ARS may be able to provide relief through binding arbitration.

ARS Arbitration vs. Litigation


90 Days

Average case length vs. 17.4 months for traditional arbitration.


Up to 80%

Potential savings vs. the cost of traditional litigation.



No public courtrooms – just a discreet, secure online process.


100% Virtual

No in-person hearing. Access our services from anywhere, at any time!


15 Years

Aeverage years of experience for our highly skilled and knowledgeable legal professionals.


$375 Fee

Application fee for disputes up to $15k. Hearing fee starts at $375 per hour.

ARS Arbitration Platform

The Arb-IT cloud-based platform fully automates the step-by-step process arbitration utilizing a proprietary, cutting-edge legal solution that integrates easy-to-use technology based on unparalleled process and design standards, coupled with our expert arbitrators for a revolutionary approach to dispute resolution.

File an arbitration using Arb-IT for as little as $375!

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