What is Mediation and why should I use it to settle my dispute?

Mediation is a process where all of the parties to a dispute attend a conference— either telephonically or via video conference—for the purpose of trying to settle/resolve their dispute. The conference is conducted by a mediator. The mediator cannot impose a settlement on the parties.

Certain situations may benefit from mediation rather than arbitration. Meditation should be used if both parties believe they can reach an understanding on their own terms. This is often the first step when dealing with a legal matter, and it may or may not escalate to arbitration or a court hearing.

Select Program to Request Mediation

  • Saves users up to 80% of the cost of litigation.
  • No in-person hearings; 100% virtual. Private and cloud-based convenience.
  • Settle any time during the process.
  • Easily convert to arbitration if dispute cannot be settled through mediation. Additional fees apply.
  • Application fee is only $350.
  • Hearing fee is $375 per hour.


For Disputes Involving Businesses & Consumers

  • Banks/Credit Card Companies & Consumers
  • Phone/TV Service Providers & Consumers
  • Rental Companies & Renters
  • Insurance Companies & Policyholders
  • Local Merchants & Customers
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For Disputes Between

  • Manufacturers/Wholesalers & Retailers
  • Suppliers & Vendors
  • Independent Contractors
  • Equipment Leasing Companies
  • Commercial Landlords & Tenants
  • Franchisors & Franchisees
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