Our ADR platform fully automates the step-by-step process of mediation and arbitration and can reduce your dispute resolution costs up to 80% vs traditional litigation in as little as 20% of the time.

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Are you seeking a swift and cost-effective resolution to your disputes without the hassle of costly litigation and courtroom battles? Our alternative dispute resolution platform can provide you with a convenient and efficient way to settle disputes and reach mutually beneficial and fair outcome.

Our Proprietary Platform

The Arb-IT cloud-based platform fully automates the step-by-step process of mediation and arbitration utilizing a proprietary, cutting-edge legal solution that integrates easy-to-use technology based on unparalleled process and design standards, coupled with our expert arbitrators and mediators for a revolutionary approach to dispute resolution.

How the Arbitration Process Works

Our experienced team of industry experts have designed a straightforward process to help you resolve disputes privately, quickly—in weeks not months—and affordably— savings up to 80% over the cost of litigation. No in-person; 100% virtual, secure and cloud-based convenience. Click on a step to explore the process below.

1. Application

a. Initiate your claim

Select mediation or arbitration to resolve your dispute. Complete a single short-form confirming your information as the applicant, describing the basic claim and identifying the responding party or parties. All in a matter of minutes!

b. Provide detailed claim information and evidence

Complete the simple claim detail form and request an optional hearing. Gather your supporting documents, photographs and other evidence and upload them using our secure file uploader. When you're ready, submit the claim.

c. Pay the application fee

An invoice is generated based on the claim amount and options selected. Pay the invoice securely using the payment method of your choice.

Why Choose Arb-IT?


90 Days

Average case length vs. 17.4 months for traditional arbitration.


Up to 80%

Potential savings vs. the cost of traditional litigation.



No public courtrooms – just a discreet, secure online process.


100% Virtual

No in-person hearing. Access our services from anywhere, at any time!


15 Years

Average years of experience for our highly skilled and knowledgeable legal professionals.


$175 Fee

Application fee for disputes up to $7,500. Hearing fee starts at $375 per hour.

What are the costs?


  • Graduated fee structure is reasonable for small or large cases.
  • Audio or video hearings available for an additional fee.


  • Flat application fee.
  • Audio hearing standard.
  • Video hearing available for an additional fee.
See All Fees


B2B + B2C + C2B

Claims up to $15,000

  • Applicant Fee$375
  • Respondent Fee$375
  • Hourly Hearing Fee$375
  • Appeal Fee$1,750
  • Appeal Response Fee$750
  • Clerical Review Fee$100


B2B + B2C + C2B

All Claims

  • Applicant Fee$450
  • Respondent Fee$450
  • Hourly Hearing Fee$375

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